Just as Life has it’s ups & downs, likewise #MensHealthWeek 2016. When the week was young, it rose to the occasion with great excitement! With the publishing of the first comprehensive review examining the nature of complementary medicine use in Australia. As the week is progressed, it waned and preventative health news […]


2015 has been an incredible year, providing several opportunities to work with most inspiring colleagues. The year started with a curriculum planning workshop, meeting with Dr Joanna McMillan in Sydney. This day set the focus for the months ahead, where my project involved drafting and submitting the accreditation application for a […]

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Hops Cones or Strobiles
June 15-21 is Men’s Health Week and the theme for 2015 is ‘MOMENTS IN TIME’ recognising that every individual, family and community can find health-giving opportunities despite the many and varied obstacles to better health that Life sometimes puts in the way. For this one week in June, Australia’s attention is focused on the […]

Hop to Health

Morning! Now I don’t always start my day with a beetroot, but when I do… Often find myself a bit busy in the mornings during the week, too much going on to get a fresh juice sorted and cleaned up before I dash. There’s no substitution for real wholefoods, but […]

Bring da Beet back!

Have been meaning to start posting more content, always wanted to start from A. There is currently a media circus related to Pete Evens’ Paleo crusade and a recipe for a baby formula has caused a stir…in Women’s Weekly. So, good idea to kick off with Vitamin A – because everyone on […]

Vitamin A

Hiya Friends! Hope you have a sweet Christmas and a cracker New Year! I’m getting busy with making my own fully baked Jerk Ham, it’s a great recipe…bit relaxed now due to the essential ingredient. I’ll get this recipe in the eBook to released here – will be full of fun, fresh and […]

All Good Xmas Jerk

Sun Tzu: The Art of War
When another calendar year nears conclusion, we all reflect on what has passed and the path ahead. We contemplate all we have accomplished, also considering our original plans and aspects that did not manifest. In retrospection, if we have not achieved certain goals set for ourselves- is this a failure? How do […]

Effortless success?

Recent article in Preventing Chronic Disease provides insights to the green scheme of things. Focused on foods, it is somewhat limited in assessing phytonutrients. Provides a great list of greens and their virtues though! The selection of nutrients to define density is quite limited and the objective itself states that “Powerhouse […]

Green is good…

I have a great appreciation for the forms and patterns of Nature. I believe that we we all encounter these patterns in our daily lives, much of the experience being quantifiable via mathematical patterns in Nature- such as the Fibonacci sequence- which goes something like: The graphical representation of patterns in […]